Secure And Reliable

CRM systems are one of the most useful applications for every organization.

They enable businesses to store customer data, which can be utilized to build meaningful customer relationships, find new customers and grow revenues.

Since CRM data contains such valuable information, it's extremely tantalizing for hackers who are looking to steal personal information.

Ways to secure your CRM data

1. Monitor CRM Activity Regularly

You don't need to monitor every activity of your employees as they use a CRM system. Use security alerts that notify you in case of unauthorized access or security breaches. Real-time online dashboards to regularly monitor the security status of your CRM system and company network.

2. Secure Your Infrastructure

It's also important to secure the very IT infrastructure that hosts your CRM data. We create multiple layers of security that make it more difficult for hackers to get in. Start by installing a reputed firewall that will enable you to precisely control data access and permissions.

3. Use Passwords Effectively

One of the most common reasons for which a system can be hacked is that it uses common, easy-to-guess passwords. Ensure that your employees use strong passwords (a strong password is a sentence that's at least 12 characters long) and use a unique password for each account.

4. Educate Your Employees

Many data breaches happen because employees unintentionally or carelessly pass around documents, data, and even passwords. Train your employees on using their hardware, software, and data and the right way to safeguard against breaches.