Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is every marketing activity, a strategy that is used on digital platforms such as social media, websites to attract prospective customers. It aims your marketing methods on platforms that prospective customers spend most of their time on such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

What is the role of CRM in digital marketing?

More and more activities are taking place online from web searches to shopping etc. as it is quicker and more practical. There is no longer the need to stand in a line in a store if you choose not to, especially during sales season when everything is chaotic, nor go to the library for information on a company.

For these, brands needed a quick adaptation as well as something that would help manage audience engagement and data.
So, what have stores or businesses chosen to do? They have decided to bring their products and services to your doorstep and online.
With technology updates and limitless information, a customer is exposed to many other offers of the same product, CRM is key to staying ahead of the game.

Importance of CRM in Digital Marketing

One thing that every business person knows is that a happy customer will return. A happy customer will likely tell three or more of their friends about your business.

An unhappy customer will likely tell six or more people about their experience with your business. So, no matter what business you are in, keeping the customer happy is the key to success.

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