CRM Planning

CRM Planning is a term used to describe all activities, strategies, and tools used by a company to manage the way it interacts with its customer base.

The right CRM strategy can help you build solid relationships with your customers and increase customer loyalty and retention.

However, for it to work, your strategy must align with your sales and marketing plan and your customer service department.

Key Elements Of CRM Planning

1. Technology

We used the latest technology for developed CRM for our clients. Data is collected from the entire customer lifecycle, including marketing and sales platforms, digital commerce, and customer service interactions.

2. Strategy

Our CRM strategy should be based on clear goals and objectives. It should also align with the customer company's positioning, culture, vision, and values.

3. Processes

INDSAC-CRM strategy to work, all internal and external processes should be customer-centric. We provide the best possible customer experience.

4. People

Developers focused on customer engagement.